Multiple Intelligence test known as dermatoglyphics which is an ancient, global science . The ridges (rich count on finger) and patterns present on the FINGERPRINTS usually analyzed and studied. About 4000 years ago, people started identifying one’s personality and behavior using fingerprint analysis.

Science says after 13th weeks of gestation period the fingerprints start developing. Over the years, by many researches and thesis. Two people usually don’t have same fingerprints. After the fingerprints develop in a child it remains unchanged throughout the life. 

Scientifically proved that fingerprints say many things about an individual. It describes about the behavior, personality, ability, inborn talent, multiple intelligence, emotional quotient, creativity quotient, intelligent quotient etc. Various fields uses DMIT test like medical, human research, psychological disorder, genetic disorder and many more.

In 1892, the famous English anthropologist Francis Galton published a book. It shares the methods of identifying the fingerprint types. They are called Whorl, Loop, Arch & Accidental.

Further, in 1926, Dr. Cummins, the father of Dermatoglyphics started a research on the same. Fingerprint analysis shows various signs of inborn talent.

Later, Multiple Intelligence theory (DMIT test- Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test) . Howard Gardner, had introduce it in the field of Educational .