DMIT Benefits student

  • Dmit benefits student in multiple ways
  • Helpful for selecting the career.
  • In choosing the right subject for further studies.
  • Able to identify one’s inborn talent.
  • It is required to identify the strength.
  • Helpful in understanding weakness and threats.
  • Helps in taking right decision.
  • It is a resourceful tool to multiply one’s growth.
  • Action steps for further growth.
3 Tools for Student

3 tools that every student must consider for a great future.

  • Understanding your natural talent vs Things that you need to learn

Talent– is a repetitive pattern of thoughts. Habits and behaviour of the person justifies it. It is a practice of more than 10,000 hours rule.

Knowledge– consists of lessons and facts learnt over the span of  time.

Skill– is a activity in steps

Lets identify it by an example- Networking is a art. You may not be good at it but when you practice over a period of time, it gets better with the time. How much satisfied are you with your career map?

  • Clarity of your Dominant talent (dmit test student)

Students get a lot of awareness in terms of their dominant talent with the help DMIT test. The whole motto of DMIT test is to identify your dominant talent and using it as a leverage to boost you career growth. It is always said as “clarity is power“, without clarity you cannot reach your goal faster e.g. a man driving a car in the heavy rain since visibility is low, he would prefer to drive slowly. Once you identify your dominant talent, you can strengthen it over a period of time. DMIT test report brings out your hidden potential. Talent is all about frequency of the thoughts in the mind e.g. Farhan Aktar acting in the role of Milka Singh keeps practicing till he master the art of running.

  • Language- the way you describe your talent

Language plays a very important role the way student identifies his talent. It is very important to note that languages of a doctor is different from that of a Accountant. Every industry has a different language for a CA debit, credit, cash book entry, purchase book, general entry etc is a normal language. So in order to master the subject you need to aware of its terminology.

DMIT test act as tool for the student to bring a shift in your life if you commit to bring a change in your life.

It helps to choose the right career option based on your dominant talent and considering your weakness in place. DMIT test for student plays a important role in

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